WATCH: Mom catches nanny stealing breast milk: Report

A young mother in Taiwan was horrified to learn that her nanny had been secretly been drinking her breast milk the mother had been saving to feed her toddler son and newborn daughter.

The Daily Mail reports that the angry mother, identified as Ms. Lin, shared her frustrations in a Facebook post. She posted a CCTV video clip of the nanny feeding her newborn baby girl with a bottle of the mother’s breast milk. At one point the nanny looks directly into the security camera, before picking up the baby and moving out of view.

The mother reportedly told the Daily Mail that although the nanny is not seen in the video drinking the breast milk, the caretaker admitted that she had been sipping it on the sly. Lin claims she confronted the nanny on September 12 after noticing that a bottle of breast milk had gone very quickly. While the nanny confessed to drinking the milk, she did not apologize.

Lin told the newspaper that she had specifically instructed the nanny to give any leftover breast milk from feeding the newborn to her two-year-old son. She also gave an interview to a local newspaper saying that the nanny had accused her of being “ungenerous” and “mean,” and that she drank the breast milk because she is anemic.

Thought the mother reported the nanny to social services, an official said that the nanny’s behavior does not qualify as misconduct, according to the Daily Mail. 


Feature photo: Daily Mail video screenshot