Man pepper sprays mall employees after shoplifting and then lets his 1-year-old use a vaping device: Cops

Montana police have arrested a man and charged him with child endangerment after he was allegedly found driving while intoxicated with a 1-year-old infant in the car, as reported by Billings Gazette.

Jesse Ambrose Deaguero, 35, was initially pulled over for speeding on September 7. However, officers say when they attempted to pull him over he crossed the double yellow line, driving on the wrong side of the street until he was eventually cornered inside of a parking lot.

When they searched the vehicle and Deaguero himself, police allegedly found that he was carrying a number of illicit drugs, including bottles of Oxycodone and Suboxone. Cops also say he seemed inebriated, noting he had bloodshot eyes, droopy eyelids and slurred speech. Additionally, there was a 1-year-old infant with him in the vehicle and police say that the baby was sucking on a vaping device when they pulled him over, though they have not announced if the device was filled with tobacco, marijuana or some other drug.

This isn’t Deaguero’s first brush with the law. In 2011, he made headlines after he pepper sprayed a number of mall employees while attempting to shoplift, as reported by Billings Gazette. For those crimes, the 35-year-old received a concurrent six-month jail term, with all but two days suspended, and a $500 fine for driving without a valid license.

He pleaded not guilty to felony criminal child endangerment in district court on Wednesday. Deaguero also pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor driving while the privilege to do so has been suspended or revoked.

[Featured Image: Billings Police Department]