Mom screams in anguish when bus driver traps her epileptic son in vehicle as he goes into seizure [VIDEO]

A Brooklyn woman is suing a transportation company after she alleged that a bus driver would not open the door to release her 9-year-old son during an epileptic seizure, as reported by CBS New York.

Don Marie Birch alleges that an employee of Reliant Transportation trapped her epileptic son onboard a school bus because she didn’t bring the proper identification. She claims the driver refused to release her son into her custody, even when she showed her ID and even when her son fell into a dangerous epileptic seizure.

An unidentified witness captured the entire ordeal on video. The footage clearly shows Birch pleading to allow her son to exit the bus. It also shows her anguished screams when he refuses.

“I’m so frustrated and so upset because my son could have died on that bus,” she said. “My son goes into the seizure and I’m screaming, please get my son off the bus, help him.”

The bus driver, who remains anonymous, finally relented once a police officer arrived on scene and demanded that Delon be allowed to exit the vehicle, according to Birch’s attorney, Sanford Rubenstein.

“Finally someone gets an officer who calls EMS, and only after the officer demands the driver left the child off, the driver does and he’s given to EMS and taken to the hospital,” he said, noting that the child’s grandmother was also on hand. “The fact of the matter is, she showed her ID, the child identified her as the mother, the grandmother who was there was on an approved list to pick up the child showed her ID, and the driver still refused to release the child.”

Reliant Transportation Company refused to questions from reporters, saying that they had no comment on the matter.

Her son Delon wears several marks of his condition, including a tag on his backpack and a wristband. His epilepsy is so severe that he must also wear a device that acts as a sort of pacemaker, reducing the time of a seizure. This ordeal happened on his first day of school.

Birch said she plans to meet with the Brooklyn District Attorney later this week to pursue criminal charges against the unidentified bus driver.

[Featured Image: CBS New York/screenshot]