Autopsy released in gruesome murder of West Hollywood model; boyfriend ‘ripped her face off and drained her blood’: Cops

A recently-released autopsy detailed the gruesome aftermath of the murder of a West Hollywood model who died in 2016, reportedly at the hands of her own boyfriend.

ABC reports that wealthy graphic novelist, Blake Leibel, is charged with the death of his  30-year-old girlfriend, Iana Kasian, a model who was found lying lifeless in her West Hollywood home, next to her 2-month-old baby. The incident occurred on May 24, 2016.

It originally started out as a missing persons case. Kasian’s parents reported her missing after not hearing from her for a few days. Police arrived at a home off of the 8500 block of Holloway Drive to do a welfare on Kasian on May 26, 2016 at around 11 a.m. Once there, they encountered a man, identified as Leibel, who became uncooperative.

“Once there, they heard noises in the apartment, and were concerned for the welfare of the missing person,” said Lt. Dave Coleman of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “They forced entry, encountered a male, our suspect, who was uncooperative, wouldn’t let them in.”

Leibel reportedly barricaded the front door of the home with furniture, but deputies pushed their way through and found Iana in a bedroom, deceased from blunt force trauma to her head. Deputies reported that they took the couple’s baby and placed the child with family members.

The autopsy report graphically detailed a shocking, gruesome murder, in which the suspect allegedly drained all of Kasian’s blood after he mutilated and tortured her.  She had human bite marks on her face and her right ear and right side of her face was completely torn off. The suspect reportedly ripped off her entire scalp; her skull was fully exposed. Authorities still haven’t located the victim’s scalp.

Leibel is the author of a graphic novel, entitled, “Syndrome,” in which a serial killer slits the throats of a couple and drains their blood. He’s the son of  Olympic sailor and wealthy Canadian real estate developer, Lorne Leibel. His mother was a heiress to a plastics fortune; Leibel supposedly inherited millions after her death.

A week prior to Kasian’s death, police arrested Leibel and charged him with rape in an unrelated incident. He was out on bail when he reportedly killed Kasian.

Leibel is charged with “murder, mayhem, aggravated mayhem and torture, along with special circumstance allegations of the murder involving torture and mayhem,” according to ABC. He could face the death penalty due to the special circumstances in the case.

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