Parents leave infant alone at home with door open while they go on violent drinking binge: Cops

California police have arrested a couple and accused them of leaving their 1-year-old at home while they went out to binge drink, as reported by KRCR-TV.

Alex Morawhitehurst, 30, and Krystal Williams, 27, were charged with felony child endangerment, among other charges, according to The Tribune.

It all started when Oroville police responded to a disturbance at a local bar on Friday night. They allege that Morawhitehurst and Williams were “highly intoxicated” and had just engaged in a bar fight. That was enough to get them both arrested.

As he was being booked, Morawhitehurst told police that their 1-year-old child was alone at home, authorities allege. When authorities arrived at their home, they found the baby asleep in the living room. Incidentally, investigators also allege that the sliding glass door was open, meaning anyone could have entered the home at any time. Police also confirmed that the infant was alone, leaving the 1-year-old with no adult supervision. Thankfully, cops say the infant was unharmed.

The couple did not tell police why they thought it was a good idea to leave their 1-year-old alone at home while they went out drinking.

The baby was taken to child protective custody and his parents were arrested for felony child endangerment and suspicion of public intoxication. They are being held on $50,000 bail. It is unknown if the couple has obtained legal counsel or when they will face a judge.

If anyone has any additional information to provide regarding this investigation they are asked to contact Oroville Police Officer Wright at 530-538-2448.

[Featured Image: Oroville Police Department]