Oklahoma churchgoers find abandoned 4-week-old in a car seat by the side of the highway

Oklahoma police are looking for answers after a van filled with churchgoers found an abandoned baby by the side of the road over the weekend, as reported by KWTW.

The church van was driving east on I-40 when they spotted the 4-week-old infant, who was sitting in a car seat that had been left near the highway, authorities say. These good samaritans told police they actually thought it was just a doll at first, but then they got a closer look and realized it was an actual baby.

A witness told police that there was no note accompanying the baby, as reported by KFOR.

Christy Hill, one of the churchgoers who found the baby, said she was certain it was a doll at first, telling the driver to pull over “just in case” it was an infant.

“Can you even imagine,” she told KFOR. “This little guy could have died out there, I sure hope it was not done on purpose for that reason.”

Oklahoma City police were able to find the baby’s mother, it has been noted, but they are not releasing her identity as this time, according to CBS News. The infant has been placed into state custody.

The infant was likely not abandoned for a long period of time, investigators note. Temperatures reached 90 degrees on the day in question and police say the baby was not sunburned, nor did the 4-week-old have any obvious injuries. Investigators say that the baby could not have been abandoned for more than 30 minutes.

Both infant and mother were taken to a local hospital and given a clean bill of health.

This is an ongoing investigation and charges have not yet been filed against the infant’s unidentified mother.

[Featured Image: Twitter]