Wyoming man drives drunk to pick his two kids up from school: Cops

Wyoming police have arrested a man after accusing him of driving to a local school drunk in order to pick up his two children, as reported by Oil City News.

Joseph D. McAdams, 47, was booked into jail on recommended charges of DWUI with child endangerment, child endangerment and no insurance. Authorities were called to the school after being called about an intoxicated man who had picked up a child, according to KTWO.

When officers confronted McAdams, they said he smelled strongly of alcohol. He admitted to drinking earlier in the day, claiming that he had two screwdrivers at “happy hour,” which he alleged was at 10 a.m. However, he did tell officers that he hadn’t been driving while drunk, despite police saying the hood of his car was “significantly warm,” according to the arrest report. He also declined to take a field sobriety test, investigators note.

The children disputed his story, police say. One child said that he did indeed pick them up from school and the other said that he smelled like alcohol, the arrest report detailed.

Both children were taken into protective custody and released to the Wyoming Department of Family Services.

When officers searched McAdams, they asked him if he had any items of contraband on his person. He is alleged to have responded “my d***.”

Breath samples were taken after the arrest and they allegedly showed his blood alcohol concentration to be .160, roughly twice the legal limit.

The 47-year-old is scheduled to make a court appearance later this week.

[Featured Image: Casper Police Department]