Yonkers PD car

Officer gets ambushed while on duty, shot in the face

A Yonkers police officer was shot in the face Monday night while investigating a suspicious car parked on a street in Westchester County, New York.

Kayla Maher stopped to check out a car suspiciously parked near the corner of Rumsey Road and Park Hill Avenue around 8 p.m., when she was ambushed by two gunmen, at least one with an AK-47, according to theĀ New York Post.

The suspect’s shot the two-year Yonkers Police Department veteran in the jaw with an assault rifle. Reports say the bullet went through one side of her chin and out the other.

Yonkers Police Commissioner Charles Gardner said the department doesn’t know what the two men were doing in the car before police arrived, but he did say the gunmen had music blaring when the officers walked up.

“Don’t know what the suspects were doing in the car. When the officers approached, shots were fired.”

Daily News reports that both Maher and her partner were pinned behind the vehicle as Maher’s partner desperately called for assistance, telling the dispatcher, “We have an officer shot in the face. Can we please f—— get some units here? Can we get an armored truck or something to come get this officer out? She’s shot in the face. We’re right behind the suspect. We’re pinned down. We can’t f—— move.”

The officer is heard addressing an injured but alert Maher:

“You know what … you’re doing fine. It’s just a quick shot. It’s not that bad even. You’re going to be OK.”

Maher was rushed to the Jacobi Medical Center where she is said to be in serious but stable condition.

The two gunmen were taken into custody at the scene. One was also taken to a hospital where he needed surgery from a gunshot sustained in the altercation. He’s listed in serious but stable condition.

Police recovered a weapon from the scene.

[Feature Photo: Yonkers Police Department/Facebook]