Madeline Jones: Police file charges against missing woman’s parents for filing false ‘missing persons’ report [UPDATE]

Authorities in Mesa, Arizona, on announced Tuesday that they’re pressing charges against the parents of a woman who disappeared in July with her baby. Authorities claim the woman’s parents filed a false missing person’s report in an attempt to help their daughter avoid sharing custody of her infant with her ex.

ABC15 reports that on June 15, Roland Jones reported his daughter, Madeline Jones, and her 1-year-old son, William, as missing to the Mesa Police Department. Since then, family and friends, including the baby’s father, Jacob Gouchenour, have been desperately searching and pleading on social media for their return.

Authorities allege that Roland Jones and his wife, Cassandra Yusko-Jones, filed a fake missing persons report and planned a scheme to hide Madeline and the baby after they learned a court awarded Gouchenour joint custody of William.

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Police also plan to seek charges against Madeline Jones, who still remains missing.

When Roland Jones called authorities on June 15, he said his daughter had been “stressed about her divorce” from Gouchenour. The couple married in August 2015, but divorced in 2017; the divorce finalized on June 9, 2017, just days before Madeline Jones vanished.

According to Police, Madeline Jones’ parents immediately started blaming Gouchenour for their daughter and grandson’s disappearance. They accused Gouchenour of numerous criminal actions, none of which proved to be true. Further, detectives claim Yusko-Jones withdrew $2,900 on June 15. Yusko-Jones also told a family friend she planned to dye her daughter’s hair. The same family friend told police she saw baby William in a dress shortly before the boy and his mom disappeared.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for Jones’ electronic devices, and uncovered a search for “fleeing an abuser with your child” and “how to disappear” on Madeline Jones’ laptop. All of Madeline Jones’ belongings were left behind, police reported.

Yusko-Jones faces one count of custodial interference and one count of false reporting, while her husband faces one count of custodial interference and two counts of false reporting. Madeline Jones faces a custodial interference charge.

Meanwhile, Gouchenour said he’s sad that he hasn’t had the chance to be a part of his son’s life in several months, but he remains hopeful for the future.

“I haven’t gotten to be part of his life hardly at all and I want to be. I’ve tried and tried to work through the courts and then when I’m finally awarded joint custody in June, a day and a half of parenting time, my ex-wife took off with my son. [I’m] hopeful everyday that my son is going to turn up; I think this is a huge step in this process. I feel closer to him than I ever have before.”

Anyone with information on Madeline Jones and her son’s whereabouts should contact Mesa PD.

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