Nigel Johnson and Jarvis Beck

Two hospital employees sexually assault suicidal teen patient they were meant to take care of: Police

Authorities charged two Tennessee hospital employees with multiple counts of rapes on a suicidal teen patient.

Nigel Johnson, 30, and Jarvis Beck, 31, are each charged with statutory rape by a person in a position of authority. Both men were arrested in July, according to Fox 59.

The girl’s family said the two men raped her multiple times while she was a patient at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis, receiving treatment for suicidal thoughts.

“When you allow your daughter to enter a facility, you hope they’re safe. These two gentlemen both took turns having sex with this girl repeatedly. It wasn’t one time,” Parke Morris, the victim’s attorney, said.

A former employee of the hospital said she witnessed the incidents and said that her co-workers told hospital management. She also said the hospital was understaffed.

Morris said this meant male workers would often be left alone in a room with a female patient.

“If you had a male employee, they couldn’t be in a room by themselves with a female patient. That was violated repeatedly. That led to a situation where a male employee was allowed in a one-on-one situation with a female patient. It created an opportunity for this to occur.”

WREG reports that the hospital only confirmed that both men are no longer employees, but refused to answer any further questions due to “pending litigation.” Morris said the family has not filed any lawsuits, and the only court case is in connection with the criminal charges brought on by the Memphis Police Department.

Morris and the victim’s family believes there may be more victims.

[Feature Photo: Memphis Police Department]