Hasan Burke mugshot

Drug dealer accidentally texts officer offering to sell ‘bud’: Police

Authorities arrested a Florida drug dealer after he allegedly texted an officer trying to set up a drug deal.

Officer Harvey Whitney from the West Melbourne Police Department said he received a text on September 23 from a number he didn’t know. The text message asked if he was interested in buying “bud,” and included a tree emoji next to it, according to a report by the Palm Beach Post.

Whitney said he initially thought the text was a joke.

The dealer, later identified as Hasan Burke, 20, gave Whitney a price for the drugs and the two set up a time to meet. Burke said he would be walking his dog and reportedly asked Whitney to bring a scale to measure the “bud.”

Since the deal was meant to go down in the City of Palm Bay, Whitney contacted the Palm Bay Police Department. The department sent out Officer Abroe, who found the suspect walking his dog. The officer said he could smell the drugs on Burke.

Abroe arrested the 20-year-old and seized the 16 grams of marijuana they found in Burke’s pocket, Fox News reports.

A Facebook post by the West Melbourne Police Department said the officer “then let [Burke] in on the ‘dope’ move that got him arrested.”

***Calling all drug dealers! Please call us with your business!***This past weekend, Officer Whitney received a text…

Posted by West Melbourne Police Department on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Whitney said he could tell that Burke knew he messed up.

“You could see by his own body language and his expression that he was like ‘Wow, I just did this!'”

Burke now faces three drug-related charges, including drug possession with intent to sell, a felony in Florida.

[Feature Photo: Brevard County Sheriff’s Office]