Attorney: O.J. Simpson to get a new iPhone and steak, shrimp dinner upon prison release

O.J. Simpson’s lawyer said his convict client is expecting a new iPhone and a steak dinner upon his potential prison release date next month.

Miami Herald reports the Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, said that his client is making arrangements to take advantage of the “the very simple pleasures” upon release, such as eating steak and shrimp and obtaining a new iPhone. The lawyer also indicated that there’s “no doubt” Simpson will head to Florida upon release.

Apparently, Simpson’s release cannot come fast enough for the former football star. Simpson’s friend, Tom Scotto, told KTNV that authorities placed Simpson in a secluded area of the prison after a Nevada parole board granted his freedom earlier this. Lack of people to talk to left Simpson bored and frustrated, according to Scotto.

“He’s a people person, likes to talk and he’s only got the one guard to talk to. So he’s going a little bit stir crazy.”

Simpson could be a free man as soon as next week, according to a former corrections officer, Jeffrey Felix, who previously guarded Simpson. However, Felix said that Simpson didn’t plan to head to Florida, despite what LaVergne said. Instead, Simpson will go to Las Vegas and lay low, at least according to Felix.

“I would say no later than Wednesday,” Felix told KTNV. “NDOC doesn’t not want him longer than they need him….People I know within the prison got back to me that, that is his plan. He told them he wants to go to a retirement community and lay low.”

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[Feature Photo: AP/Jason Bean/The Reno Gazette-Journal, Pool]