Kindergarten teacher admits to sex with six high school students

A Texas kindergarten teacher who pleaded guilty to having sex with at least six high school students accepted a plea deal Thursday.

Heather Lee Robertson, 39, will spend 10 years in prison, and will surrender her teaching certificate and register as a sex offender for the remainder of her life, according to Fox News.

Robertson faced up to 240 years in prison had she not accepted the deal; she was charged with six counts of sexual assault of a child and six counts of having an improper relationship with a student.

The sexual encounters occurred between November 2016 and February of this year, and began shortly after Robertson’s husband had filed for divorce. The kindergarten teacher told police that she didn’t remember many of the trysts as she had started drinking heavily at the time.

Robertson would contact the students through Snapchat and invite them over to her apartment for sex. In one instance, one of the victims had his parents drop him off at Robertson’s house, and told them he was helping the teacher move furniture.

Angelina County Assistant District Attorney Todd Dillon said in a statement that the county takes these charges very seriously.

“Teachers are entrusted with our most valuable and most precious asset every day. When teachers betray that trust in Angelina County, they will be held accountable for that betrayal, and they will face significant punishment.”

Dillon also said that the situation worked out best for everyone involved, as it would be traumatizing to put Robertson’s victims through the process of a jury trial, KTRE reports.

“We’re happy that we were able to get this matter concluded without re-victimizing the victims,” he said. “Putting them through a jury trial would asking these young men to do a lot, so this was a good resolution for everybody.”

[Feature photo: Angelina County Jail]