Oklahoma dad and friend beat pregnant teen daughter’s abusive boyfriend to death: Police

Oklahoma police arrested two men and charged them with murder, after they allegedly killed an 18-year-old male as retribution for the abuse of a young girl, as reported by New York Post.

Authorities said Dearld Peal, 46, and Tracy Price, 40, murdered Anthony Pietrzak, 18, the boyfriend of Peal’s daughter.Pietrzak had allegedly been physically abusing the girl, whose age and identity remains unknown.

The duo is alleged to have quite literally beaten the man to death, with police describing the incident as “horrific.”

“Just beating someone to death, there’s no other way to describe it,” Officer Jeanne Mackenzie told reporters.

Mackenzie noted that Pietrzak’s body had been bound and hogtied prior to the deadly beating.

She also commented on the alleged abuse Pietrzak had been dishing out to Peal’s underage daughter.

“She alleged he was beating on her,” MacKenzie said, noting that Peal told the 18-year-old “that he would never be able to hurt his daughter again,” according to the arrest affidavit.

A witness saw the whole thing, according to Tulsa Police Sgt. Dave Walker.

“Detectives located a witness that observed a male being thrown out of a residence, … beaten, hogtied and thrown in the back of a pickup,” Walker said in a press release obtained by Tulsa World.

The victim’s family noted that Peal’s daughter is pregnant and expecting a baby girl in October, according to NewsOn6.

Peal and Price originally faced charges of kidnapping, as Pietrzak was reported missing before police found the body in a Tulsa field.

Detectives have noted that their may be a third suspect and that more arrests could be forthcoming. Peal’s daughter, who is alleged to have instructed her father to initiate the beating, will not be charged with any crimes.

[Featured Image: Tulsa Police Department]