Alleged cannibal couple ‘pickled’ their final: Police

Forensic experts and Russian detectives claim that the Russian couple accused of cannibalism pickled their last victim, meaning they preserved the victim’s body parts in glass jars with the intent to eat her.

New York Post reports that authorities claimed they found glass jars filled with human “steamed meat” inside the Kransodar home of Dmitry Baksheev, 35 and Natalia Baksheeva, 42. They’re both accused of killing and eating at least 30 humans.

Detectives working the case said that the couple’s last victim, Elena Vashrusheva, 35, was chopped up before the suspects placed her body parts into jars to preserve her. Authorities reported that the suspects admitted to killing Vashrusheva, a waitress, over extreme jealousy after Natalia Baksheeva accused her of trying to seduce Dmitry Baksheev.

Meanwhile, both suspects complained of issues they’re dealing with behind bars. Dmitry Baksheev is being held in solitary confinement after numerous threats on his life, while female inmates are taunting Natalia Baksheeva by allegedly asking her if she ate enough human meat. They’re both being held without bond.

While the suspects initially admitted to killing and eating other victims, they’ve changed their minds and said that Vashrusheva was their only victim. Dmitry Baksheev now denies eating any human meat at all, according to human rights activist, Viktor Belikov.

“Dmitry has heard that the newspapers have called him and his wife Natalia cannibals. I would not say that he was angry, his reaction was more melancholic. But he fully denies having eaten human meat.”

Yet, authorities not only reportedly found human meat in the couple’s home, but they also found videos on how to cannibalize humans, and a gruesome photo of a human head surrounded by fruit, being prepped as a dish.

Further, retired air force communications officer, Sergey Labintsev, said the he was almost a victim himself. He indicated that Baksheev became “insanely jealous” after he thought Labinstev had an affair with his wife. Labintsev said had he not been in good physical shape, he may not have been able to escape the couple.

“I could have been eaten too. I could have been dead. Last night I had a nightmare that they were making steamed meat from me. Some six weeks ago I just survived. They could have eaten me if I had not been in good physical shape. And I’ve known these people for many years and always helped them.”

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]