Family of murdered Ron Goldman files new motion to block O.J. Simpson from making money from media, interviews: Report

Simpson’s lawyers call the Goldman family lawsuit ‘frivolous’

The family of Ron Goldman, the man murdered alongside Nicole Brown in 1994, reportedly filed a legal motion on Tuesday against O.J. Simpson, in an attempt to ensure he doesn’t make money off of any interviews and media opportunities. Simpson, recently released from prison after a 9-year stint for robbery, is apparently unhappy with the Goldman’s legal bid.

Daily Mail reports that attorneys acting on behalf of murder victim, Ron Goldman, filed a motion against Simpson, 70, to stop him from making money off of anything dealing with their son. The motion was withdrawn after strong opposition from Simpson’s lawyers, but the Goldman family’s attorneys requested a discovery hearing scheduled for Nov. 7.

While the Goldman family claims that Simpson and/or his representatives “shop around” for high-paying interviews and other media opportunities, the former NFL football player’s lawyers denied the allegation.

“Mr Simpson has no desire to conduct any interviews with the media, and certainly has no desire to solicit an interview for monetary gain,” Simpson’s lawyers said.

The Goldman family stated in the legal filing that they take issue with the denial and have seen from experience how Simpson operates.

“Our prior experience with Mr Simpson over many years indicates the contrary, that in fact he or his advisors, agents, attorneys, family members, or surrogates, are “shopping” one or more entertainment, documentary, reality TV, or interview vehicles at this time.”

Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, 44, told Daily Mail that the Goldman family’s lawsuit was “frivolous,” then blamed the Goldmans as the ones seeking fame and publicity.

“They filed some frivolous motion first thing on Monday. First thing. They filed a frivolous motion in a California court and it got denied yesterday. I’m here grieving after what happened [the Mandalay Bay shooting] and the inconsiderate Goldmans are stirring me with more paperwork.¬†But you know, it’s more publicity for them to do. There’ll be another hearing on this November 7 so they’re doing their thing.”

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that despite the denials, Simpson has already been doing “a ton” of media interviews since his release on Sunday, including a gas station interview and a photo shoot of a Las Vegas mansion he’s living in.

Goldman, along with Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown, died at Brown’s home in¬†Brentwood, California, in 1994, from severe knife wounds and slashes on their heads and necks. Simpson was found “not guilty” of the murders in 1997, but the Goldmans won a wrongful death civil suit against Simpson, following the trial. The Goldmans won the lawsuit, and a judge ordered Simpson to pay $25 million in punitive damages to both the Goldman and Brown family.

Simpson now owes the Goldmans around $66 million and the Browns around $44 million in interest accrued. So far, neither family has been paid all monies owed to them. According to Page Six, Simpson’s lawyers “masterfully shield” his money and assets from being collected.

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