‘Please, Mommy. Stop! I won’t do it again!: Woman bounds autistic boy with belts and sets him afire inside bathtub: Police

A Wisconsin woman is behind bars on a $350,000 bond after authorities arrested her for reportedly bounding her autistic son up with belts, and setting him on fire inside a bathtub.

Fox6 reports that Amelia Di Stasio, 23, is accused of tying her 4-year-old autistic son’s hands behind his back with numerous belts, and placing a plastic bag over his head before putting him in a bathtub in her Milwaukee apartment, and lighting him up with an unknown accelerant.

Neighbors at an apartment complex at 17th and Grant noticed smoke coming from the suspect’s home on Sept. 28. The Milwaukee Fire Department arrived at Apt. #2, and when they entered, they noticed smoke coming from the bathroom area, where a pile of clothes had been lit on fire on put in the bathtub. Underneath the clothing, they found Antonio Di Stasio’s body.

The 4-year-old laid lifeless in the tub; “the majority of his body was burned,” according to the criminal complaint. Detectives noted “significant charring” to Antonio’s skin and ruled his death as a homicide.

While inside the apartment, authorities found a guinea pig drowned in its cage, the stovetop turned on, and the smoke detector removed and placed in water. A resident at the apartment complex told detectives that on Sept. 27, they heard the little boy pleading with his mother to stop, although it’s still unclear what Di Stasio was doing to to him.

“Please, Mommy. Stop! I won’t do it again!”

The resident said she heard Di Stasio tell the young boy to “shut up” afterward.

Authorities didn’t find Di Stasio in the apartment when they arrived, but neighbors reported they saw a woman jumping out of a window from the 2nd floor apartment. Police found her later that day walking down W. Wisconsin Avenue with a handwritten phone number in her purse.

After calling the number found in the suspect’s purse, detectives learned from a disclosed source that Di Stasio allegedly admitted she “did something really bad” and wanted to talk to priest. They also found searches for “how do canabals (sic) die” and “how to kill a canabal (sic)” on her cellphone.

As of Friday, Di Stacio is still in jail, charged with murder. If convicted, she faces life in prison.

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