Harvey Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan suspended from Twitter after speaking out against Hollywood sexual harassment and abuse

Actress Rose McGowan, an outspoken critic of abuses against women in the entertainment industry and one of several high-profile figures to accuse Harvey Weinstein of abuse, has been suspended from Twitter.

The reasons aren’t entirely clear, but the suspension likely stems from McGowan’s tweets directed at Ben Affleck, who she has accused of lying when he claimed to be unaware of Weinstein’s harassment and assault of Hollywood actors.

The Charmed actress announced her Twitter suspension in an Instagram post.


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McGowan is among a growing list of actors who have accused Weinstein of abusive behavior. She has claimed that the high-powered producer harassed and assaulted her in 1997 while she was filming the movie Scream. According to an expose last week in the New York Times, McGowan was one of several actors to receive a financial settlement from Weinstein in exchange for signing a nondisclosure agreement and agreeing not to press charges.

On Wednesday, McGowan tweeted a message to Ben Affleck in response to his statement condemning Weinstein, in which he indicated the accusations were news to him.

McGowan didn’t buy it, and tweeted at him to “F*** off.” She sent a second tweet claiming that she and Affleck directly spoke about Weinstein’s alleged assault during the production of Scream.

Shortly after Affleck released a statement on Harvey Weinstein, a video surfaced of the actor groping actress Hilarie Burton in a TRL interview.

Affleck later apologized on Twitter for acting inappropriately.

McGowan’s account will be suspended for 12 hours. During the suspension she is reportedly unable to send a tweet or a retweet, but her account is currently visible.


[Feature photo: Associated Press]