Parents, police look for answers after teen disappears on his way to Boy Scouts meeting

Police in Charlotte, N.C., are counting on help from federal investigators and the general public as they look for a teenager reported missing earlier this week.

Images and descriptions of 16-year-old Nathan Ward Kocmond have spread widely via social media, as has information about his apparent struggles leading up to his disappearance.

The Charlotte Observer reported that Kocmond had been slowly recovering from a concussion for about the past six weeks. He reportedly also grew depressed and developed serious headaches during that period.

The teen’s father, Jon Kocmond, told reporters his son was believed to be missing when he did not show up for a Boy Scouts meeting Monday evening. His phone has reportedly been off since then.

“He’s a leader in his Boy Scout troop,” Jon Kocmond said of his son. “He was due to head to his meeting on Monday night.”

He explained his son had plans to meet some friends prior to the meeting and left home earlier than usual.

“He never met up with his friends that night and he never went to Boy Scouts,” the father said. “When we realized that later in the evening, we contacted his friends, who knew nothing of this, so we contacted the police.”

An emotional plea from Sarah Kocmond to her son has also been shared online.

According to WCNC, the Kocmond family was informed that the FBI came on to aid in the investigation based on the belief that the teen crossed state lines.

He was reported missing along with his 2011 Honda CR-V.

Jon Kocmond went on to describe his son’s mood in the weeks leading up to his disappearance.

“He deleted his social media,” he said. “We think he’s retreating from any relationships that he’s had. We don’t know why at all.”

There is a $5,000 reward available for information about his whereabouts.

[Featured image: Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department]