Police find decomposed body in barrel found floating off California coast

Authorities reported a disturbing discovery in a 55-gallon drum floating in the San Diego Bay this week.

According to KSWB, a diver found the barrel roughly 200 feet off the shore of Chula Vista, California, Thursday afternoon. An investigation revealed a decomposed body was sealed inside.

About two hours before the diver discovered it, police received a call reporting a floating barrel in the same general area. Responding officers did not find it.

As Fox News reported, police responding to the diver’s discovery said they initially noticed an odor emanating from the drum, which they found sealed and chained to a cinder block.

Acting Chula Vista Police Captain Eric Thunberg stated the obvious in announcing the discovery, according to KFMB.

“This is not normal,” he said. “We have a body crammed inside a drum, that is not normal. Something went wrong.”

The case is being treated as a homicide, Thunberg said, adding he had no information regarding the deceased individual’s age, gender or identity.

Though he said he understands the “need for closure … and the hope,” he said the department is not yet comparing this case to active missing persons reports.

One such man looking for either closure or hope is Albert Molina, whose 28-year-old friend Omar Medina was last seen in Chula Vista about two weeks ago.

“I just had to come out here and see if there was any information so we could be at peace,” he said. “The family just wants closure and we are praying it’s not him and Omar is OK.”

From here, the San Diego Medical Examiner’s Office will perform analysis in an effort to determine the deceased person’s identity and cause of death.

“It’s premature to even articulate who might be in the barrel,” Thunberg said.

[Featured image: KSWB (screenshot)]