Man invites young homeless women to his house, turns them into sex slaves: Cops

Kansas police arrested a man Thursday and charged him with human trafficking, among other crimes, as reported by WHNT.

Joseph Stevenson Glenn, 59, allegedly offered young homeless women a place to stay, then plied them with drugs until he received sexual favors, thus creating a cycle of sexual servitude.

Ironically, Glenn courted his own arrest by calling police and telling them that an unwanted guest was banging on his door, a report indicated. When authorities arrived on the scene they discovered drugs in plain view, along with two young girls who later were found to be homeless, as reported by TimesDaily.

The unwanted guest also spoke to police and told them of Glenn’s illegal activities, which included trading drugs and lodging to homeless girls in exchange for sex, investigators noted.

During a search of the home, authorities allegedly found an assortment of illegal drugs, including cocaine, marijuana and meth. Investigators also found related paraphernalia and scales to weigh the drugs, indicating that it may have been a small drug dealing operation.

Investigators interviewed the two young women they found living at the home, who told them Glenn would provide monetary assistance, in addition to the drugs, in exchange for sex. One young woman even told police that the 59-year-old offered to pay her friend’s cell phone bill if he could watch the two perform sexual intercourse.

Police do not think this is an isolated incident and are looking for more alleged victims, noting that these types of crimes are alarmingly common.

“It is not uncommon for sexual predators to seduce young women who have a low self-esteem, no place to live or no type of resources in order to survive on the streets, by luring them with money, drugs and a place to live,” Sheriff Gene Mitchell said. “After luring the women, predators will then brainwash the women into thinking that they have no other options and then convince the women to engage in sexual acts as payment for what the predator has provided.”

Glenn has been refused bond, pending an investigation. He’s charged with second-degree human trafficking, distribution of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and first-degree possession of marijuana.

The two alleged victims have been provided housing for the time being.

[Featured Image: Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department]