VIDEO: High school cheerleaders allegedly record themselves gleefully chanting racial slurs

A Utah school district is investigating after several high school girls were allegedly caught on video chanting racial slurs.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the video featured juniors and seniors at Weber High School in Odgen. Three of the girls involved are on the cheerleading team but there’s no indication that the incident occurred on campus or during a school activity, according to Weber School District spokesman Lane Findlay.

The 10-second video, which can be viewed below, appears to have been filmed inside a car and shows the five girls saying “F**k n*****s” multiple times while laughing. Findlay explained to the paper that the girls were possibly saying “serggin cuff,” a phrase posted as the caption to the Instagram post, but they edited the video to play backward to produce the racial epithet.

“We are shocked by the conduct of these students and the contents of the video,” the district said in a news release obtained by KSTU. “School officials have started an investigation and the matter is being taken very seriously.  We are trying to determine when the video was made, where it was filmed, why the students would engage in such conduct, and how the clip ended up on social media.”

Findlay told the Salt Lake Tribune that the video has caused a disturbance at the school, noting that cheerleaders are held to a higher standard as part of their eligibility for extracurricular programs. He said that girls could face anything from counseling and being kicked off the cheerleading team to expulsion from school.

The spokesman also told the Deseret News that officials are currently determining where the video originated.

“We also wish to remind everyone that these are kids, and sometimes kids do really stupid things without thinking,” the district’s statement reads.

“Certainly, there are no excuses for this type of behavior, but they are still children in a sense and hopefully this will be a learning experience for them and others.”

**WARNING: Video Contains Graphic Language**

[Featured Image: Instagram (screenshot)]