‘You’re damaging an entire industry!’ Barbara Walters faces heat as clip resurfaces of Corey Feldman Hollywood pedophilia interview

When Corey Feldman appeared on The View in 2013, he opened up about traumatic experiences he endured, reportedly at the hands of Hollywood Honchos who molested him. Barbara Walters, part of the foursome panel of hosts who interviewed the actor, has become the latest star under fire for giving what many perceive as an insensitive reply to Feldman, which may have helped perpetuate the endless cycle of abuse in Hollywood.

Page Six reports that the 2013 interview surfaced recently, amid the scandal surrounding Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein, who’s been accused by numerous women of unwanted sexual advances. As Feldman unfolded his personal story, along with what happened to fellow 80s’ actor, Corey Haim, Walters apparently challenged the Goonies star, indicating that his statements could ruin the entertainment field.

“I’m saying that the people who did this to both me and Corey [Haim] are still working, they’re still out there and there’s some of the most richest, most powerful people in this business. And they do not want me saying what I’m saying right now,” Feldman said.

“Are you saying that they’re pedophiles?” Walters asked.

F: “Yes.” 

W: “And they’re still in this business?” 

F: “Yes.” 

W: “You’re damaging an entire industry!” 

F: “I’m sorry, I’m not trying to. I’m just saying it’s a very important serious topic.” 

Walters’ comments recently sparked a plethora of controversy among social media users, some of which accused her of being dangerous and of covering up the issues plaguing Hollywood.

In 2014, Walters faced scrutiny for a similar situation when she defended Woody Allen against child molestation accusations, according to Fox News.

Only days after Dylan Farrow wrote an open letter to the New York Times, describing abuse she endured as a 7-year-old, allegedly at the hands of Allen, Walters announced on The View that Allen was loving, caring father.

“I have rarely seen a father as sensitive, as loving and as caring as Woody is and Soon-Yi to these two girls (referring to the now married couple’s daughters together.) I don’t know about Dylan. I can only tell you what I have seen now.”

Meanwhile, Feldman recently explained why he chose not to say the names of the Hollywood honchos who reportedly molested him. According to Feldman, since the statute of limitations passed, he would be setting himself for lawsuits by Hollywood giants who would “ruin him.”

Feldman said that he did indeed turn over the names of the abusers in 1993, before the statute of limitations ran out, but the police “did zero.” The 1993 police interview came during a time when the late Michael Jackson was under investigation for child molestation. Feldman insisted that Jackson never touched him, but when the Lost Boys actor tried to explain to Santa Barbara sheriffs that Hollywood men abused him as a child, they allegedly seemed uninterested.

“I know what it’s like to go through those feelings and believe me, the person who molested me, if this was him that did that to me, this would be a different story….. I myself was molested,” Feldman told Sgt. Deborah Linden and Detective Russ Birchim, according to Radar Online.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office hasn’t yet responded to requests for comments.

Feldman also wrote about the abuse in his 2013 biography, “Coreyography,” which detailed the horrors he faced while growing up as a child star.

“Slowly, over a period of many years I would begin to realize that many of the people I had surrounded myself with were monsters,” Feldman wrote.

Representatives for Walters have yet to reply.

[Feature Photo: AP]