Husband catches male nurse having sex with wife’s corpse an hour after her death

A male nurse is behind bars after reportedly having sex with a dead corpse in a Bolivian hospital on Thursday.

Metro reports that Grover Macuchapi, 27, is facing charges after he reportedly had sex with a woman who died just an hour prior to the incident at the Hospital de Clinicas in La Paz, Bolivia. The woman’s husband allegedly caught the man in action and hit the suspect in the head from behind, then proceeded to give him a beating before phoning authorities. According to court documents, the victim passed away from lung problems.

“Relatives of the dead woman had gone to the hospital to cancel a debt they had for the medical treatment she received,” said Police chief Douglas Uzquiano, deputy director of the Bolivian anti-crime force. “The husband went to the morgue and saw a male nurse having sex with his late wife.”

The suspect allegedly took the deceased woman out of a freezer and was standing over with his pants around his ankles when the husband walked in on him.

“I saw what he was doing and hit him,” the victim’s husband said. “He was moving and he had his trousers down.”

Macuchapi reportedly told police he was in a “trance,” and didn’t realize what he was doing.

“Something happened. It was like a dream. The next thing I remember was feeling a blow from behind when the woman’s husband hit me.”

Under Bolivian law, there are no criminal charges for necrophilia, but the suspect is facing charges of “profaning a corpse and obscene acts.”

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]