Infant severs arm and mother loses leg trying to crawl under a train

A Georgia mother and her son both lost limbs Thursday while trying to crawl under a train on their way home in Clayton County.

Kate Brown, 28, was walking home with her three children when they came to a stopped train, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Her two older children successfully crawled under the train and to the other side, but when Kate and her one-year-old son tried to go under, the train started up.

Clayton County police Sgt. Ashanti Marbury said the mother and infant were pinned under the train when it began to move. Brown’s leg and her son’s arm were severed under the rail wheel.

Police say a witness called 911 to report the incident, and officers arrived to find the two older children standing helplessly with their injured mother and sibling.

The incident took place at around 3:10 p.m. Both mother and son were rushed to the hospital where they underwent surgery until 9:45 p.m., but they’re limbs couldn’t be saved, Marbury said.

“Medical staff at both facilities advised that neither of the limbs of the mother and child could be salvaged.”

The New York Post reports that the mother said going under the train would have been the quickest route home.

Her other two children were not injured during the incident. They are currently with their father. Their ages remain unclear.

11Alive reports that police have not pressed charges against the mother, and do not plan to press any charges against the train conductor.

[Feature photo: Pixabay]