Toddler daughter of high-powered CEO found murdered: Report

British police have arrested a 35-year-old woman in connection with the murder of a 3-year-old girl, as reported by The Sun.

The suspect has yet to be identified, as is common in the UK, but the victim’s father has been noted to be 37-year-old Michael Colebourn, who works as chief executive officer at a highly regarded interiors firm.

Police have stated that emergency services were called to the Colebourn residence at around 7 p.m. on Thursday, following a report of a “concern for welfare.”

The toddler was still alive when they arrived at the scene. The victim, who has only been referred to as Bethan, was airlifted to a nearby hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

Emergency services also found an adult that had suffered minor injuries, according to Southern Daily Echo, though authorities have yet to indicate if that person was one of the victim’s parents or the suspect.

The slain toddler’s aunt, Lindsay Colebourn, spoke to reporters and expressed extreme grief over the loss.

“It is obviously a devastating time for everyone. That’s really all I can say,” she said. “As her father, Michael is devastated and is on his way to the family home. It’s such a tragic event.”

The situation surrounding the murder is still shrouded in mystery, as the suspect’s identity and possible motive remain unannounced. One neighbor echoed this sentiment in an interview with The Sun.

“It’s a complete tragedy; we do not know what happened, there was absolutely no indication that anything was wrong, we didn’t know of any issues,” he said.

“It’s just thoroughly sad, our sympathies go to the family, it’s quite sickening.”

Trimline has not released any information on the murder but the company reportedly made over $50 million in revenue last year.

[Featured Image: Trimline]