Couple kills 13-day-old baby found covered in bruises with broken spine and ‘massive’ brain swelling: Cops

Utah police are looking for a couple they say killed a newborn baby last month.

WTVT reported that the 13-day-old was found dead at a West Jordan home September 17, leading to an investigation that allegedly uncovered evidence of abuse throughout the boy’s short life.

Police believe 21-year-old Dylan James Kitzmiller had been physically abusive toward the newborn and girlfriend Maria Elena Sullivan, 26.

Sullivan, the infant victim’s mother, is wanted for failing to stop the abuse or, after it occurred, report it and seek medical treatment for her son.

An examination of the victim found the boy weighed nearly a pound less than his birth weight and his body was covered in bruises and cuts. Reports indicate he had a fractured spine, broken rib and “massive” brain swelling.

Sullivan reportedly told police Kitzmiller regularly used heroin and abused her son, but admitted leaving him in the man’s care.

On the evening of the boy’s death, she reportedly heard him gasping for air and called medical dispatchers, who were unable to restore his breathing.

Police say Kitzmiller admitted using heroin — along with Sullivan — in front of the child. He reportedly said Sullivan was not responsible for any of the victim’s physical injuries.

Authorities have obtained an arrest warrant for both suspects.

The Deseret News reported both suspects were charged with first-degree murder and three felony counts of second-degree child abuse.

[Featured image: Dylan Kitzmiller/Facebook]