Teacher throws X-rated sex-toy party at school with young children: Police

A teacher in southern Florida has been fired after throwing an X-rated party where children as young as 11 years old were present, WSVN-TV reports.

The party, reportedly for a former student, occurred at Mater Lakes Academy charter school, which teaches grades six to 12 in the Miami area.

Parents say the controversial celebration was for the school’s dance team and that it occurred in a dance teacher’s classroom Wednesday after school was over.

One mother of a young girl who attended the party said parts of the lewd gathering were recorded.

“In the videos, we see how they were preparing for the surprise party. And as the boy walked in, they surprised him with a hat that had a penis attached to the top and a string to be able to pull it so it can get erected,” said the mother, who didn’t want to be identified because she is a teacher.

The party also had a cake with a lollipop in the shape of a vagina, penis candles, rubber penises and other sex-themed objects.

The mother said she was outraged by the event and isn’t the only one. Another parent reported the incident to Miami-Dade Police.

“You can’t even imagine,” the mother said. “You know, I’ve raised my daughter the proper way and never taught her anything similar to that.”

She added that her daughter has been very upset by what happened, has not been able to sleep and even woke up crying recently.

“It hurts that she’s being taught this at the school where I trust she’s gonna be taken care of,” the mother said.

Mater Lakes Academy officials said the dance teacher has been fired, but details remain unclear as to who was responsible for bringing in the sex-themed materials.

School administrators said in a statement that their top priority is the safety of students and staff.

“Once we became aware of the situation, we addressed it immediately and have taken the appropriate measures and the individual has been dismissed,” the statement reads.

For parents and kids affected, the action comes too late.

“Whatever happened is a scar that’s already there,” the mother said. “You can’t undo what happened.”

[Feature Photo: Pixabay]