Drunk driving ‘mom’ kills two while toddler is in backseat: Police

Arizona police have arrested a woman after she allegedly drove drunk with her toddler in the back seat and caused a deadly multi-car pileup, as reported by ABC 15.

Lauren Tamburrelli, 26, has been charged with second-degree murder, among other crimes, after she reportedly caused an accident that killed two and injured two more.

Witnesses identified the 26-year-old as the person who caused the accident and also told police that, afterwards, she tried to walk away from the scene. Tamburrelli, who reportedly clutched her 3-year-old daughter to her chest as she attempted to flee, could not walk properly, with witnesses noting that she was staggering and that she had alcohol on her breath. After being placed under arrest, officials said she began exhibiting “mood swings.”

A spokesperson for the Arizona Department of Public Safety noted that the suspect was slurring her speech as she was being arrested and that she “almost vomited while she spoke to herself with incoherent sentences.”

Tamburrelli is alleged to have rammed into a SUV, pushing it to the opposite lane of a busy highway. Two occupants were killed and one was ejected from the automobile, experiencing injuries. Additionally, the suspect is alleged to have hit another vehicle, causing another injury.

Tamburrelli is being held on a $500,000 bond. In addition to second-degree murder, she is being charged with nine counts of endangerment and one count of aggravated DUI with passengers under the age of 15. According to AZcentral, her first court appearance will be on October 30.

It is unclear if she has obtained legal counsel or if Child Protective Services (CPS) took custody of her 3-year-old. The Arizona Department of Public Safety has not revealed if the toddler was injured during the collision.

[Featured Image: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office]