Man tries to murder helpless 3-year-old girl by dropping her from a 30-foot bridge: Cops

British police arrested a man and charged him with attempted murder after he allegedly dropped a 3-year-old girl from a high bridge on September 29, as reported by The Guardian.

Damien Smith, 39, allegedly walked out to the edge of Astley Bridge, which also doubles as a busy throughway for traffic. The 39-year-old reportedly held the toddler over the river below and, then, let go. She plummeted 30 feet down to the water.

Miraculously, police were on hand to swim into the river and rescue the unidentified girl. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and was found to have a broken wrist. Investigators were thankful that the toddler did not suffer from further injury.

In addition to attempted murder, Smith has also been charged with causing a public disturbance, as reported by Manchester Evening News. Greater Manchester Police stated that he appeared in court earlier this week. This was only a confirmation hearing. The 39-year-old simply confirmed his name and date of birth, all the while dressed casually in a grey t-shirt and jeans. He did not enter a plea for either charge, as reported by The Bolton News.

It is unknown what relationship the 39-year-old has with the toddler and what possible motive he could have had for dropping her from a bridge into a rushing river. Additionally, authorities have not announced if the toddler was placed with a family member or if she was taken in by a child protective services agency.

This is an ongoing investigation. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Featured Image: Google Maps, May 2016]