VIDEO: High school student accused of making racist comments on Snapchat beat up as he returns to school

A California high school student who allegedly partook in a racist conversation on social media was beaten up as he returned to school.

Students told the Fresno Bee that a student who participated in the Snapchat conversation was assaulted upon his return to Buchanan High School in Clovis last week.

A 20-second video posted to Twitter on October 19 appears to show a white student say, “I’m not doing anything,” as a black student approaches him. From there, the black student is seen delivering a barrage of punches as the other student retreats into a nearby classroom.

The altercation is supposedly connected to comments made in a Future Farmers of America group last month. Screenshots of the conversation show users calling black people “n****r” and suggesting to go to Africa and “smuggle a new one over.”

In the same thread, someone with the username “Williammm” posted an image of a white man whipping a black man with a caption that read, “I’m punishing him,” the Bee also reported.

“I caught my house n****r looking at chevys on Craigslist so I lynched him and his kids,” a user called “Jackson” allegedly responded.

The messages in question were exposed on Twitter, where they were retweeted thousands of times.

Clovis Unified spokeswoman Kelly Avants previously told the local paper that they are aware of the “intolerable” comments and believe they were made by students who attend high schools in the district. She also pledged that the district would discipline the offending students to “the fullest extent.”

“The language and imagery used in these racially charged texts is intolerable and counter to the character and ethics we expect of our student body,” Avants said in a statement.

Following the physical altercation, Avants is now also denouncing the behavior exhibited in the latest video.

She said in an email, “To underscore the unacceptable nature of such behavior, any student found to be in violation of our student discipline, zero tolerance or bullying policies faces disciplinary consequences.”

*** WARNING: The video contains violence. Please use discretion.***

[Featured Image: Twitter]