Boss from hell came to work high on cocaine and sexually harassed co-worker for years: Report

A legal headhunting firm executive is accused of groping a colleague, doing cocaine at work, and regularly sending sexually explicit text messages and emails to co-workers.

Veronica McIlraith, 35, claimed she was a managing director at Wegman Partners’ Manhattan office from 2014 to 2017 but was fired after reporting Scott Legg’s alleged actions. McIlraith accused Legg, 37, of calling her a “bitch” and throwing furniture when she rebuffed his advances, the New York Post reported.

According to the New York Daily News, McIlraith also said that Legg grabbed her breasts and tried to rip her sweater in the office kitchen in July 2015. Texts messages produced by the former director supposedly showed Legg saying that he wanted to “suck on her boobies.”

She also accused Legg of being drunk and high on cocaine in the workplace—even snapping a picture supposedly of Legg passed out on the floor. Other pictures allegedly showed a sign reading “SUCK MY B*LLS!!!” outside Legg’s office and an ejaculating penis allegedly drawn by the executive.

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McIlraith reportedly filed a New York City Commission on Human Rights complaint on Wednesday. Though she complained to HR, she said Legg was suspended for five days but she also lost her commissions during the ordeal, the Post reported.

In the grievance, she claimed that she is taking anxiety medication and still suffers from panic attacks due to the ongoing harassment.

“The barrage of harassment and aggression has seriously damaged Ms. McIlraith emotionally,” the complaint said.

“She is fearful, anxious, and traumatized.”

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