Monster dad keeps teen daughter as sex slave and fathers eight children: Cops

Argentinian police arrested a man and accused him of keeping his daughter as a sex slave for 22 years and fathering eight children with her, as reported by New York Post.

Domingo Bulacio, 56, allegedly began raping his daughter, who was 15 years old at the time, in 1994. Bulacio is alleged to have kept her as a sex slave for the next 22 years, according to Daily Mirror.

He was eventually arrested in January 2016, after successfully fleeing from police for 45 days. The 56-year-old is now in court, facing judgment for his alleged misdeeds.

During the decades his unidentified daughter was under Bulacio’s cruel and horrific grasp, she gave birth to eight children, police noted. According to court testimony, DNA tests proved that the 56-year-old is father to each of the eight kids.

His daughter managed to tell a family doctor about Bulacio’s alleged abuse, breaking down into tears as she revealed the traumatic experiences, as reported by Metro UK. This led to the alleged rapist’s eventual capture.

The role Bulacio’s mother played in all of this is fuzzy. One account, reported by El Liberal, noted that the 56-year-old threw her daughter out of the house, forcing her to take the remaining children with her. According to other Argentinian sources, however, she died and the rest of the children were sent to live with relatives.

Six of the children have been placed in a boarding school. It is unknown what has happened to the remaining two kids.

Bulacio’s trial is ongoing and is expected to continue for several more days.

[Featured Image: Pixabay]