New ‘hot felon’ may raise bail with her good looks

A gang member arrested on Monday in California has gained popularity for her striking looks, becoming yet another “hot felon.”

Mirella Ponce, 20, was arrested in Fresno just days ago and has already garnered the attention of thousands, according to the New York Post.

The Fresno Police Department said the Tiny Rascal gang member was arrested at a routine traffic stop. She was found in possession of a loaded stolen firearm. Ponce was with her infant and two other TRG members at the time, one of which was also arrested for an unrelated felony.

She was charged with two felony weapon charges and booked into Fresno County Jail.

The gang member’s mugshot was then posted to Facebook, and the photo racked up over 3,500 shares in only two days.

Ponce received the attention of several commenters. She even had people offering to pay her $100,000 bail.

“How much the bail is I’ll pay it.”

One commenter said that “the only crime she committed was stealing my heart, ” and several people complimented her eyebrows and makeup.

Others were quick to bash those focusing only on her looks.

“Wow. Everybody’s on here talking about how she’s pretty. She was endangering her child’s life rolling around with a gang member and a loaded weapon.”

Ponce is now added to the list of “hot felons,” whose good looks caused their mugshots to go viral.

Most notable is Jeremy Meeks, who capitalized on his viral mugshot by starting a career in modeling. Meeks is now a successful model, according to The Sun.

[Feature photo: Fresno Police Department]