Two little girls dead after ‘spiritual leader’ locks them in car with no food, water for being ‘unclean’: Police

Two little girls are dead after police say a so-called spiritual leader and her followers left the children in a car for weeks on a Colorado farm without food or water.

The Denver Post reports that authorities made the gruesome discovery of two little girls’ lifeless bodies on a remote farm outside Norwood, on Sept. 2, but they made the announcement of the girls’ identities this week.

The victims were identified as Makayla Roberts, 10, and Hannah Marshall, 8, and although the cause of death is still pending for both girls, detectives indicated that they were left inside a car for at least two weeks, reportedly without access to food or water.

The leader of a group that lived on the property, Madani Ceus, 37 of Haiti, is charged with murder. The children’s mother, Nashika Bramble, 36, is also charged with murder. Two people associated with the group, Ashford Nathaniel Archer, 50, of Haiti, and Ika Eden, 53, of Jamaica, are charged with fatal child abuse.

The owner of the farm, Frederick Blair, 23, said he met the group at a nearby gas station earlier this year, and invited them to live on his land after they told him they were looking for a “spiritual retreat.” He admitted he eventually joined the supposed spiritual group, who set up tents around the property.

Madani Ceus (c), Nashika Bramble (bottom l), Nathan Yah (middle l), and Ika Eden (middle l). [Photo: San Miguel Sheriff’s Office]
Blair said that the leader, Ceus, felt that the girls were “unclean from a previous life” and demanded they stay inside a grey 1999 Toyota sedan on the property. The others, who apparently followed whatever their leader wanted, went along with the plan.

Blair’s father called authorities in September after Blair reportedly told him about the girls’ deaths. Blair later told police he thought the children died in June. When detectives found them, their little bodies were badly decomposed, according to police.

Although Blair said they weren’t given food or water, another member of the group, Nathan Yah, said that the girls did indeed have access to food and water, and were let outside of the car to use the restroom. Ceus refused to answer authorities when they asked her who sent the girls to live in the car.

Frederick Blair was also charged in connection with the children’s deaths after he failed to report the incident. [Photo: San Miguel Sheriff’s Office]
Blair said that the group seemed nice at first, but after they moved on his property, he “became under the control of Ms. Ceus out of fear that she was going to shatter his spirit with some kind of magical powers he believed she could control with him.”

The fear reportedly stopped him from contacting police earlier about the children’s deaths. In turn, he’s also facing charges in connection with the children’s deaths.

Two other children who were living on the property were taken into state custody, according to The Norwood Post. Both are said to be in good health.

Preliminary hearings for the five suspects are scheduled for Nov. 20-21 at 9 a.m.

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