Couple livestreams sexual assault of little girl who authorities say was likely drugged

A judge has sentenced a British couple to a combined 17 years behind bars after they were found guilty of sexually assaulting a little girl and streaming it live on the Internet, as reported by New York Post.

Sarah Gotham, 34, and Craig Forbes, 36, were recently found guilty of multiple sexual assaults against the girl, whose name and age has been withheld, though it has been noted that she is under 13.

The pair was found guilty of raping the girl, who police believed was drugged, on several occasions between December 2012 and March 2013.

It all started when they became friends with a San Francisco woman named Kori Ellis, who reportedly viewed the livestream and told authorities it took place in a chat room called “Sarah Girls Only.” Ellis was arrested in April 2015, according to ABC 7, and ended up pleading guilty to producing child porn. She was flown to the UK to testify against the couple, as reported by the BBC.

“They struck up a friendship with Kori Ellis, a female pedophile in San Francisco via a web chat room which put people with ‘common interests’ together,” a police statement noted. “They swapped contact details before linking up with each other on Skype through which Gotham and Forbes streamed the live abuse; the child victim was believed to have been drugged at the time.”

Gotham’s attorney, Nicholas Lewin, argued that Forbes had engineered the abuse, calling him the “vilest of predatory pedophiles.”

Judge Ian Lawrie bought that explanation, to an extent, noting that Gotham had likely been “corrupted” by Forbes. However, he did not let the 34-year-old woman off the hook for her actions.

“[Forbes] is manipulative, devious and is unquestionably interested in child pornography, and from everything I have read and heard, a clear and constant threat to children,” he said.

“That does not excuse your responsibility for the offenses.”

Gotham and Forbes were both found guilty of multiple sexual assaults against a girl under the age of 13. Gotham will face nine years in jail and Forbes will go to prison for eight years. It must be noted, Forbes received a lighter sentence because he pleaded guilty to several of the counts.

[Featured Image: Devon and Cornwall Police Departments]