Alan Richard Schmitt mugshot

Angry ‘sugar daddy’, 77, strangles 23-year-old Plenty of Fish date after she rejects him for lying about his age: Cops

A 23-year-old Virginia woman was allegedly strangled Tuesday night by a man she met on a dating site.

The man, 77-year-old Alan Richard Schmitt, is now charged with felony “strangling of another causing wounds or injury,” according to Fox News.

According to the woman, she changed her mind about their date when Schmitt showed up at her home and was much older than what he told her online. She reportedly told him that she wasn’t interested in dating him, but they could be friends.

The two then left for the mall, according to the criminal complaint, and Schmitt bought the young woman over $400 in clothes. When they returned to the home, he said he wanted the clothes back – including the new shirt she was wearing at the time.

The victim told police that when she told him no, he pushed her to the ground, got on top of her, and tried to strangle her. She also said that Schmitt tore off her necklaces during the struggle.

Officer Jeffrey Cumming wrote in the complaint that the woman had scratches on her neck, WAVY reports.

“I observed her necklaces were in pieces, and there were small bleeding scratches around her neck.”

Schmitt said that he didn’t intentionally strangle her during the altercation. According to his account of the events, when he asked for the clothes back, she stepped in front of him and pushed him in his face. He said he grabbed her neck to keep from falling, but he couldn’t explain how the woman ended up on the ground.

The 77-year-old will appear again in court on November 14.

[Feature Photo: Newport News Police]