‘Snapchat killer’ murders 18-year-old, posts gruesome crime recording on social media: Cops

Georgia police arrested a teenager and accused him of murdering an 18-year-old and posting a recording of the crime on social media site Snapchat, as reported by Fox News.

Talon Lowery, 19, has been charged with the murder of 18-year-old Bryan Ramirez. Hall County Police alleged that they received complaints that people had actually seen footage of the murder pop up on Snapchat, which led to Lowery’s arrest.

Authorities have said that Lowery drove his truck into the parking lot of the Texaco gas station where Ramirez worked and shot the 18-year-old in the back with a rifle as he sat outside during a break.

“He was at work, he wasn’t up to no good,” Hall County Sheriff’s Deputy Stephen Wilbanks told FOX 5.

Lowery is alleged to have filmed the horrific crime and posted it on the popular social media site, coming to the attention of a family member of a local police officer, among others.

“While police was on the scene, a White County investigator contacted us to let us know his daughter had received a Snapchat video of Ramirez’s murder,” Wilbanks said. “To put up something like this on social media, then to distribute it is unusual.”

Gainesville resident Houston Willis also alleged that he saw the footage, telling reporters that it was “awful.”

“I saw the video,” he said. “It’s awful. Who would take someone’s life then record it and send it out?”

Kevin Rail also alleged that he saw the incriminating footage, calling it “pretty heartbreaking” and “crazy.”

Upon searching Lowery’s home, investigators found the alleged murder weapon, according to The Gainesville Times.

Police noted that a motive is still unclear, as authorities do not believe that the two knew one another.

Ramirez’s aunt, Diana Peralta, praised her late nephew, noting he approached life with kindness and grace.

“Everything he did, he did it with kindness. He did it with a smile, regardless if he was having a bad day or not,” she said.

Lowery is currently in the Hall County Jail. It is unknown if he has received legal counsel.

[Featured Image: Hall County Sheriff’s Office]