Boxer stages his own murder to prove his greedy ex-wife is trying to kill him

A Texas man staged photos of his murder to convince police that his ex-wife was planning to kill him.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Ramon Sosa faked his own death in the summer of 2015 after learning that his ex-wife, Maria Sosa, wanted him dead. Working with police, an undercover hitman presented Maria with the gruesome photos and she paid the officer for “killing” her husband.

At the time, friends told KHOU that the couple was in the middle of a messy divorce and the process of dividing their business, The Woodlands Boxing Fitness Gym, angered Maria. The local station reported that Maria paid the hitman $500 and some men’s jewelry as a down payment and agreed to give him an additional $2,000 and her husband’s truck once he finished the job.

When the hitman asked Maria whether she just wanted Ramon roughed up, she responded, “No. I want him dead,” according to an affidavit.

Ramon recently explained to the Daily Mail that Maria had originally solicited a man named Gustavo—not realizing that he and Ramon were friends.

“‘Then we devised a plan, for him to wear a wire and tape her offering money to have me killed, before turning the evidence over to the cops,” he explained.

During a recorded meeting, Ramon claimed that Maria was “very serious” about having him killed and that “she had held her fingers to her head, in a gun-firing gesture.” Ramon claimed that he turned over the disturbing conversation to Montgomery County Police.

Working with the FBI, Texas Rangers drove Ramon to a desert and placed him in a pre-prepared ditch. There, they put bloody makeup on him to make it appear that he had been shot in the temple.

“Lying in the dirt, pretending to be dead, was terrifying,” he recalled.

“When I first met Lulu, I certainly didn’t expect our relationship to end like that.”

Authorities ultimately charged Maria with criminal solicitation of murder in July 2015. She pleaded guilty in October 2016 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

“I think [the sentence] is fair for what she did,” the father of three said of his ex-wife after sentencing.

“I’m just happy that it’s over with. I’ve got to move on.”

[Featured Image: Mongomery County Police]