LAPD drops investigation into Corey Feldman’s accusations of Hollywood pedophiles

Actor Corey Feldman recently sat down with Los Angeles Police Department officers and filed a report against Hollywood men who allegedly sexually assaulted him when he was a child actor during the 1980s. LAPD confirmed on Thursday that they dropped the investigation.

Page Six reports that since Feldman’s reported incidents are past the statute of limitations in California, LAPD detectives said that they have “no other avenues” to follow in the case. Police officials confirmed earlier this week that Feldman made the report in person on Monday. They also indicated that they would not give out any names that Feldman told them.

Feldman has talked about frequently about the California statute of limitations when questioned why he wouldn’t give out the names of the alleged pedophiles. He’s always maintained claimed that since the statute of limitations had already passed, publicly announcing names would set him up for a lawsuit. Regardless, the actor filed the report anyway, to have it officially down on file with the police department.

Further, Feldman has stated numerous times that he fears for his life, especially after promising to get the “truth” out by making a feature film about the abuse he endured.

“I’d love to give you something juicy, but my nerves are shot,” Feldman told HLN’s Carol Costello . “I’m living in fear, not a good place to be.”

Feldman told Costello that while he recently told Dr. Oz that bit part actor Jon Grissom was one of his alleged molesters, there is a high-profile celebrity that he refuses to name. Feldman said the celebrity in question didn’t victimize him, but instead, abused one of his closest friends.

“He didn’t abuse me, so it’s a very tricky situation,” Feldman said “I have information about it, but he didn’t abuse me.”

Meanwhile, Feldman has his own ideas on how to clean up Hollywood, which he says starts with pre-screening anyone and everyone in the business before they are allowed to work around children.

“I would pre-screen every single writer, producer, director, everyone who came through the studio,” he said. “If they have no sexual misconduct, no harassment of children, nothing like that on their record then they’re fine to work here. If they have one blemish? They’re gone. That’s it, out of the business. Period.”

Feldman hasn’t yet commented on LAPD’s decision to drop his case.

Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

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