Wealthy ‘wife’ who planned out husband’s murder faints when she hears judge declare her guilty

A woman found guilty of a murder-for-hire plot fainted in a California courtroom on Monday, temporarily halting jury deliberations.

Fox5 reports that Diana Lovejoy, 45, fainted while sitting in a chair at the North County Superior Courthouse in Vista, after she learned she was found guilty of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder against her estranged husband, Greg Mulvihill. Her accomplice, Weldon McDavid Jr., 50, was found guilty of the same charges.

As she fainted, one of her legal team members reached out to help Lovejoy. She was later taken away by ambulance as Judge Sim von Kalinowski cleared the courtroom temporarily.

The case stems from an incident with beginnings in 2014, when Lovejoy separated from Mulvihill. Shortly after their separation, they began a tumultuous custody battle over their toddler son. Lovejoy accused her estranged husband of abusing her sexually during their marriage, as well as molesting their child.

Eventually, a judge ruled that the couple share joint custody of the boy. Lovejoy, a senior technical writer who made close to $10,000 per month, was ordered to pay Mulvihill $120,000, since she kept the family home on La Paloma Street in Carlsbad. The victim moved to an apartment in San Marcos, according to the San Diego Reader.

She was supposed to pay Mulvihill within weeks after he was shot.

“She didn’t want to share custody, and she didn’t want to give $120,000 to her husband,” jury forewoman Erin Reed said, according to the San Diego Tribune.

The shooting occurred on Sept. 1, 2016, when McDavid Jr. called Mulvihill, claiming to be an investigator within inside information about Lovejoy. The so-called private investigator told the victim to drive to a remote area on a desert road off of Avenida Soledad, near Rancho Santa Fe, where a package full of incriminating information about Lovejoy would be waiting.

Mulvihill drove to the location with a friend and got out of his vehicle with a baseball bat and a flashlight. McDavid Jr., waiting in hiding and wearing camouflage, shot Mulvihill in the armpit when he arrived.

Later, after authorities arrested McDavid Jr., he told them he was a Marine and a “trained marksman.” He said he purposely made sure his shot didn’t kill the victim. McDaniel Jr. claimed the victim approached him with something in his hand that he thought was a gun, and he shot at his arm. It turned out that the victim was walking with a flashlight.

Both suspects pleaded not guilty in 2016.

McDavid Jr. also said he waiting in the bushes for the victim to arrive, since it would prove Mulvihill was guilty of something if he drove all that way for supposed information about his estranged wife.

“We rejected his story pretty much off the bat,” said a male juror who withheld his name. “He was lying. It was getting absurd at times.”

Detectives determined that Lovejoy met McDavid Jr. when she started taking shooting lessons from him at Iron Sights in Oceanside. He later installed a security system in her home, where Lovejoy offered McDavid Jr. $2,000 to kill her Mulvihill. They used burner phones to communicate, according to court documents.

Lovejoy faces anywhere from 25 years to life in prison, while McDavid Jr. faces 50 years to life in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 12. Lovejoy’s lawyer plans to appeal the conviction.

[Feature Photo:Diana Lovejoy/YouTube/Screenshot]