BREAKING: Wife of Tehama County gunman found dead and buried under floorboards in home; death toll rises to five

“The sheriff wouldn’t do anything about it”

The wife of the man who went on a shooting rampage in Northern California on Tuesday that included a stop at an elementary school was found dead in the couple’s Rancho Tehama Reserve home on Wednesday.

The Associated Press reports that investigators found the body of Kevin Neal’s wife on Wednesday, as authorities continued to search what they said on Tuesday was seven shooting sites. The discovery means that the shooting death toll is now at five, not including the shooter, who was killed by police. Ten other people were injured, including two elementary school students.

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston gave a press conference Wednesday, explaining that investigators had been actively looking for Neal’s wife as she had not been heard from since the shooting rampage began. The sheriff said found her body buried under the floorboards in the home, and that she was an “obvious” victim of multiple gunshot wounds.

The new report also states that Neal had been the subject of a domestic violence call the day before the attack. The circumstances of that call have not yet been released.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Neal was out on bail after he was arrested for stabbing a woman in January, and that woman is believed to be one of his victims. According to available information, that woman was likely a neighbor, and not Neal’s wife. Authorities have not released the identities of the victims.

Johnston said in the news conference that the woman Neal allegedly assaulted in January had taken out a restraining order against him.

A neighbor told the Associated Press that the sheriff had been dismissive of complaints from neighbors and the homeowner’s associated about Neal’s reported habit of firing off his guns at random times of the day and night.

“You could hear the yelling. He’d go off the hinges,” one resident said.

“It would be during the day, during the night, I mean, it didn’t matter.”

“The sheriff wouldn’t do anything about it,” said another neighbor.

Neal’s mother Anne told the Associated Press on Tuesday that she had paid her son’s bail, and that he had called her on Monday to say that he had given up fighting with his neighbors. His sister also gave an interview, to the New York Daily News, in which she said her brother had long struggled with paranoia and mental health issues and that he had “zero business with guns.”

Authorities have not yet released the gunman’s wife’s cause of death.

[Feature image: Police handout]