Cops send powerful message of compassion to anonymous victim of domestic abuse

Police in Scotland have earned praise from around the world for their compassionate message to a suspected victim of domestic abuse.

As the BBC reported, the Lochaber and Skye police force sent an open letter to the unnamed woman via a series of tweets Saturday.

Each tweet received support from the public for the agency’s show of support toward the suspected abuse victim.

After the tweets quickly received attention far beyond the island of Skye, a follow-up message expressed gratitude for the kind words and acknowledged the true intent was to reach any local victims of domestic abuse.

The unique approach to an often delicate topic received kudos from professionals who work with such victims on a daily basis, the Scotsman reported.

“Lochaber and Skye Police are trying to reach out in a different way,” said Scottish Women’s Aid Chief Executive Marsha Scott.

She called the tweets a “great, creative use of social media,” describing it a “fascinating and exciting” campaign.

In response to the final tweet, one user thanked the agency on behalf of another group offering assistance to victims of domestic abuse.

“I personally know of one #domesticabuse victim who saw this today,” the Twitter user wrote. “This was a genius move on social media.”

An apparent victim of domestic abuse followed up with her appreciation for the message.

“If this helps one woman escape a life of abuse, then it’s worth a thousand re-tweets,” she wrote.

[Featured image: Lochaber and Skye Police/Twitter]