Goldman family demands money from O.J. Simpson NOW as they fear he’ll never pay them money owed

Simpson now owes the family nearly $70 million

Ron Goldman Sr., father of the man O.J. was accused of killing in 1994, is demanding that the former football star pay up on the money owed to the Goldman family immediately.

TMZ reports that the Goldman family have a court hearing against Simpson on July 3, 2018, in an attempt to prevent the felon from profiting off of interviews, shows, presentations, or selling sports memorabilia. Simpson owes the Goldman family millions after he lost a 1997 wrongful death lawsuit and was ordered to pay the family $33.5 million. The money owed has increased two-fold since 1997, due to interest, and Simpson now owes the family a little under $70 million.

So far, the Goldman family received some of the money owed from profits off of Simpson’s book, “If I Did It,” but they said Simpson still owes them a lot more.

Goldman apparently feels that the 7-month wait period would allow Simpson to “flood the market with sports memorabilia,” and pocket the money earned instead of paying up. Simpson filed a response against Goldman’s claims, stating that an Oct. autograph session was a one time thing to help him “readjust to civilian life.” He also claimed that since his release from prison earlier this year, he’s had many chances to make money but rejected the offers.

“We take issue with this statement. Our prior experience with Mr Simpson over many years indicates the contrary, that in fact he or his advisors, agents, attorneys, family members, or surrogates, are “shopping” one or more entertainment, documentary, reality TV, or interview vehicles at this time,” the Goldman family said in a statement.

In Oct., Time reported that Simpson likely lives comfortably, as he gets $25,000 per month via pensions, which can’t be touched to pay off creditors or lawsuits. This apparently frustrates David Cook, the lawyer representing the Goldman family.

“Pensions are bullet proof…Absent divine intervention, they are nearly impossible to topple. This is frustrating,” Cook told Fox News.

In 1994, Ron Goldman was found murdered, along with Simpson’s former wife, Nicole Brown, outside of her California home. Simpson has long since been thought of as the person who killed the pair, although a jury found him not guilty. The Brown and Goldman families filed the wrongful death lawsuit after Simpson walked free from criminal charges.

[Feature Photo: O.J. Simpson/AP/Ethan Miller, Pool, File]