Developing: Reports of shots fired at NYC-area mall with possible casualties, holiday shoppers evacuated

Developing reports out of Orange County, New York, indicate shoppers at a Middletown mall were evacuated shortly after 3 p.m. after reports of an active shooter outside of one of the stores.

According to WNBC, shots were reportedly fired outside of an American Eagle store at the Galleria at Crystal Run, which is about an hour north of New York City.

Authorities had not released information about possible casualties as of the latest reports available.

As of about 45 minutes after the initial report, police had not identified any victims or suspects.

WPIX cited a police spokesperson who said two individuals were injured, though it was unclear the extent or cause of those injuries.

According to witnesses who spoke to WCVB, however, the two victims were shot.

Police have not released a description of a suspect.

Numerous accounts of mayhem inside the mall began to surface on Twitter and other social media platforms Sunday afternoon.

“A handful [of] staties in full assault gear told us to get the f** out of the mall and we evacuated with everyone else,” one witness tweeted.

He called the experience “crazy and chaotic.”

Emergency crews were soon flooding the scene, accompanied by local reporters with cameras rolling.

One witness tweeted that police vehicles and ambulances were “everywhere” outside of the busy mall.

“Was just about to head in but missed it thank goodness,” Julia Gulia wrote.

Authorities say they do not believe there is an ongoing active threat at the mall.

[Featured image: Twitter/Buffing Actions News (video screenshot)]