‘You don’t matter’: CBS boss allegedly told employee to sleep her way to the top

On the heels of Charlie Rose’s sexual harassment scandal, a former CBS employee has stepped forward and claimed that sex discrimination runs rampant in the company.

In a sex discrimination lawsuit, ex-CBS employee Erin Gee accused CBS Evening News boss Robert Klug of recommending that she sleep with a video editor who she was having problems with to “break the ice.” According to the New York Post, Gee, who worked for the company for 17 years, recently filed the federal lawsuit in a Manhattan, New York, court.

“I couldn’t believe that was his advice,” Gee said of the 2011 incident. “I was looking for help, and he looked at me like, ‘You don’t matter, and this is what you should do to make this guy like you.’ ”

According to her lawyer, Kevin Mintzer, Gee voiced her concerns to a senior producer, who said they would alert the executive producer. Mintzer claimed nothing was done.

What did happen was Klug was promoted to executive producer and Gee was allegedly demoted to the weekend broadcast after filing a formal complaint in 2015.

“My situation demonstrates why women are afraid to speak up,’’ she said.

“When they do, they’re often punished for it.”

In the suit, Gee also alleged that a male boss revealed that Klug “had asked him whether he had had sex with her or the other women under his supervision,” the Post reported.

Gee said she was told the demotion was due to “behavioral problems.” However, she claimed she was never told of any issues.

The 17-year veteran ultimately quit the network and took another job in media. Though the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) dismissed the discrimination suit in March, the agency still issued a right to sue, which is mandated under federal law.

Gee is seeking unspecified damages in her lawsuit. CBS has since said that Gee’s allegations against the network–and Klug–are “wholly without merit.”

[Feature Photo: Erin Gee/LinkedIn ]