Corey Feldman slams Matt Lauer amid sexual harassment allegations

Actor Corey Feldman who continues to fight for Hollywood pedophilia exposure, took to Twitter on Wednesday to slam former NBC Today talk show host, Matt Lauer, who was fired this week for alleged sexual harassment.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Lauer was fired for “inappropriate sexual behavior” after NBC received a complaint from a colleague  “about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” Apparently, the company found evidence that indicated Lauer reportedly exhibited “a clear violation” of NBC’s standards.

In October, while Lauer was still a host on the show, he interviewed Feldman regarding the actor’s allegations against Hollywood pedophiles. Feldman claimed that adult men in the industry molested both him and fellow actor, the late Corey Haim. Feldman claims that some of these men are still working in Hollywood

Feldman apparently thought some of Lauer’s questions during the interview were rude, after the former host asked him why he couldn’t simply name the names of the alleged pedophiles and accused the Stand By Me actor of promising to expose the names years ago without fulfilling the promise (something Feldman adamantly denied, claiming he never promised to give up all names).

“In all fairness though, we’ve been down this road before with you, and you have promised in the past to name names,” Lauer said.

Feldman took to Twitter this morning to share his thoughts on Lauer’s interview with him, indicating that the “hostile” tone of the interview now made sense to him.

“HMMMMM INTERESTING…..THIS MIGHT EXPLAIN THE HOSTILE INTERVIEW WHILE I WAS TRYING 2 EXPOSE THE ….EH MATT?” Feldman tweeted, while sharing a recent story regarding the sexual harassment against Lauer.

Meanwhile, Feldman continues on with his campaign to expose Hollywood pedophilia. He’s been slammed numerous for seeking $10 million in order to hire legal protection while making a film about the abuse, but the actor is adamant that it is “not about the money.” He’s also created a new petition, entitled “Corey’s Law,”  asking for people to stand behind him as he fights for the statute of limitations on California sexual assault cases against minors to be extended.

“We, The People of the United States, petition Federal legislators to create and enact legislation to extend the Statute of Limitations for crimes of a sexual nature perpetrated against minors under the age of 18 in the United States indefinitely. No longer can we, as a nation, allow pedophiles to threaten and harass their victims into silence just long enough to avoid prosecution.”

Click here for more information and to sign the petition.

[Feature Photo: Corey Feldman and Matt Lauer/ Today, YouTube]