Tot mom Casey Anthony demands lawsuit claiming she lied be thrown out

Almost a decade after Florida toddler Caylee Anthony was found deceased, her mother, the notorious Casey Anthony, is trying to get a lawsuit against her dismissed.

News 6 reports that Anthony Anthony filed a motion in a U.S. Bankruptcy Court this week, in an attempt to dismiss a defamation lawsuit against her. The lawsuit was filed by the man who found little Caylee’s remains in the woods close to her grandparent’s house in 2008, a former Florida meter reader named Roy Kronk.

According to the lawsuit, Kronk claimed that Anthony told her lawyers to make damning and untrue allegations against him after she was acquitted of murder in 2011. He also claimed that Anthony may have told her attorneys to suggest that he tampered with evidence, including touching Caylee’s skeletal remains.

In 2009, Linda Kenny Baden, one of Anthony’s lawyers, said that Kronk should have been considered a suspect in Caylee’s death.

“You know, it’s easy to snatch a kid away,” Baden said.

Jose Baez, another of Anthony’s defense lawyers during her 2011 trial, accused Kronk hiding the toddler’s body.

“Mr. Kronk is a morally bankrupt individual who actually took Caylee’s body and hid her.”

Further, Jill Kerley, one of Kronk’s ex-wives, described the former meter reader as “violent.” Anthony’s lawyers apparently released Kerley’s statement, recorded on video, to the media.

“He probably was the one that had murdered Caylee or had something to do with it,” Jill Kerley said.

According to the motion, Anthony asserted that Kronk never provided the court any evidence proving that she directed her lawyers in any way to make statements about him. She also said that her former attorneys statements did not defame Kronk.

Along with his lawsuit against Anthony, Kronk also filed a defamation claim against Leonard Padilla, a bounty hunter who posted a $500,000 bond in 2008, that allowed Anthony to get out on bail while awaiting trial. Kronk alleged that Padilla made a multitude of “defamatory statements” about him while appearing as a guest on various talk shows.

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[Feature Photo: Casey Anthony/Police Handout]