Soccer star’s girlfriend kills herself after rare medical diagnosis, sends one final heartbreaking text

The girlfriend of a famous British soccer star killed herself after suffering a rare medical condition, according to the Daily Mirror.

Faye Howard, 23, had recently been diagnosed with a debilitating bowel disease, a life-changing condition, and hung herself from a tree on June 29 at a park in Manchester.

She had been living with her boyfriend, former soccer goalkeeper Billy O’Brien, and sent the 22-year-old one final, heartbreaking text before she took her own life, court records revealed.

“I am sick of everything and everybody,” she wrote to her boyfriend, adding that she felt “embarrassed” and “like a burden,” according to a transcript provided by The Sun.

O’Brien released a statement on Howard’s tragic death.

“Whilst we were on holiday together she began to suffer from really bad stomach pains,” he wrote. “Over the months I think this began to take its toll on Faye, particularly as there was no sign of it improving.”

“It was clear that Faye was not in a good place and she said she felt like a burden.”

Her condition was called pelvic floor dyssynergia, and it inhibits a sufferer from having bowel movements, among other symptoms.

O’Brien added that, before she quit her job, her co-workers had begun making fun of her for displaying symptoms of the disease.

Her sister, Rachel Bunn, confirmed that the disease had taken a steep emotional toll on the young woman.

“By Christmas 2016 she was on her way down and she got to a point where everything was too much,” she said, adding that maintaining steady employment had become impossible, with a former manager telling her “I am not here to babysit you.”

Howard had seen a psychiatrist and had been diagnosed with mild depression and anxiety, but her doctor said he did not think she was a suicide risk.

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