‘I’m not going to feed you’: Boy accuses mother of letting starving sister die because she was too weak from abuse and malnourishment to get her own food

The boy says his sisters were forced to sleep on a bedroom floor in their own waste

The Des Moines Register reports that Nicole Finn, 43, is on trial for the kidnapping and murder of her daughter Natalie Finn, who died of starvation in October 2016 at age 16.

The mother is accused of keeping three of her four adopted siblings confined to a bedroom for extended periods, demanding that they ask for permission to go to the bathroom or get meals — but often denying them when they asked.

One of the siblings, Natalie, allegedly became so weak that she could no longer leave the room on her own.

Natalie’s teenage brother, Jaden, reportedly testified at Finn’s trial that the mother refused to help the teen, as she began to die of starvation in the last few days of her life.

“She said, ‘Since you’re not going to get up, I’m not going to feed you,'” Jaden said in court.

Jaden also said that his mother insisted that Natalie’s younger sister, Mikayla, 14, give Natalie a sponge bath the day before her death.

Jaden was also kept in the room with his sisters, and said in court that he had gone for up to two weeks without being fed. He claimed that he and his sisters would sometimes climb out the window to beg for money for food, but that once his mother and her ex-husband realized what was going on the boarded the windows so that children could not escape.

The ex-husband, Joe, is also facing charges in connection to Natalie’s death but will be tried separately.

A fourth adopted sibling, Nathaniel, reportedly testified in court that he was given more freedom and privileges than his brother and sisters.

Nicole Finn is currently awaiting the jury’s verdict and her ex-husband, who was not present when Natalie died, is set to begin trial in January.


[Feature image: Facebook/Natalie Finn]